03 August 2016

Fall 2016 Call to Volunteers

Hello Soccer Enthusiasts!

We've received your emails of interest to engage (both play AND volunteer for) CYSC Fall 2016.  Since we've outgrown the ability to coordinate this effort via email, we'll meet at Capitolo Rec Center on Saturday, August 13 at 10am to organize volunteers and delegate the increased workload.

In preparation, the list of needs include:
1-14.  Coaches - While we're happy to debunk the hurdles that preclude people from coaching, it can not be overstated that our ability to increase participation limits is directly proportional to an increase in coaching numbers.  Also, we have enough returners to soften the entry of any newly interested parties.  Also, give it a shot, whats the worst that can happen?

Understanding that coaching may not be feasible for all parties, other volunteer opportunities exist:
15.  Set up - The effort to set up the fields continues to be enormous. We'd welcome anyone with pre-practice availability.
16.  Breakdown - The breakdown crew has post practice availability and organizes the shed to assist the next day's setup.
17.  Organization - Assistance is always  welcome for those who can coordinate registrations, banquets and other events.
18.  Muscle - there's always need for people to administer events..., or assist with registration..., or help with swag procurement... or coordinate myriad other initiatives we launched last season (or plan to launch this season!).

Please note: as the league has grown, CYSC has yet remained 100% volunteer based.  As is now precedent, we no longer offer "seniority" to former participants - pre-registration opportunities can only be offered to those who accept the Call to Volunteers and attend the meeting advertised above.

As always, please feel free to direct any additional interested parties to email us at capitolosoccer@gmail.com to be added to the email blasts.
A preemptive thank you to everyone we see on the 13th.
For the rest, finalized registration details will be released shortly thereafter.
See you on the fields!
Capitolo Youth Soccer Club