09 March 2016

CYSC Camp Objectives/Philosophy

General outlines for the various camps offered for the Fall 2015 season:

Tykes (under 4's):
1.  will meet Mondays from 5:00-6:00(ish)
2.  have no soccer or competitive sports experience. 
3.  may choose to participate in many drills without a soccer ball. 
4.  will concentrate on exercise and fun more than... soccer.
5.  will peter out after 45 minutes.
6.  will not progress to "scrimmages".
7.  will learn soccer by accident!

Peewees (generally under 6's):
1.  will meet Tuesdays -OR- Thursdays from 5:00-6:00
2.  have little to no soccer/sports experience (except returning Peewees!)
3.  will progress to introduce a ball into most drills.
4.  will exhibit sportsmanship by following directions or not hitting the next one in line.
5.  will be in motion (running) for at least 50% of practice.
6.  may progress to scrimmages... eventually.
7.  will sleep for you after practice!

Bridge (generally under 8's)
1.  will meet Tuesdays from 5:00-6:15
2.  may have previous introduction to soccer (or competitive sports).
3.  will have a soccer ball at their foot for 100% of practice (except in scrimmages...)
4.  will learn the basic rules of soccer necessary to participate in a game setting.
4b. will concentrate on sportsmanship, leadership and exercise more than winning.
5.  will be in motion approximately 75% of a practice (and require many water breaks).
6.  will generally practice 30-40min of drills each week, followed by a 20min scrimmage. 
7.  will learn that there is only ONE CAPITOLO!

Intramurals (under 10s)
1.  will meet Mondays or Thursdays from 5:00-6:30.
2.  have previous soccer experience, or have graduated CYSC Bridge Camp.
3.  will continue to develop individual skill with a soccer ball, but
4.  will learn how individual effort ultimately contributes to team success.
5.  will participate in all facets of the game: field play, goalie, substitute, offense, defense...
6.  will practice weekly & showcase their skills in Saturday morning games.
7.  will Win as a team or Lose as a team.

11 March 2015

S15 Registration Information

Hello Soccer Enthusiasts!
We have finalized the information for the upcoming Capitolo Youth Soccer Club Spring 2015 Season

Dates: April 7,8,9 Thru June 2,3,4
     Tykes (ages 3-3.5 +/-): Tuesdays | 5-5:45pm
     Peewees (ages 3-5 +/-): Tuesdays -OR- Thursdays | 5-6pm (See #1, below)
     Bridge (ages 6-8 +/-): Wednesdays 5-6:15pm
     Intramurals: Wed or Thurs 5-6:15 + Saturday 9-11a
Note: Camp objectives/descriptions can be found at http://capitolosoccer.blogspot.com/
Any child-specific questions should be brought to Registration on TUESDAY MARCH 24TH (see below).

Cost: $30 (for the season)
Equipment (see #3, below)
     Tykes: None
     Peewees: Cleats & shinpads recommended
     Bridge: Cleats recommended | shinpads required

Tuesday, March 24th, 5pm - Peewees camp
Wednesday, March 25th, 5pm - Tykes | Bridge | Intramural (See note 4 below)
Location: Capitolo Playground Rec Center, 9th & Federal
Note: Registrations will be 'first come first served'.  Our increased demand dictates that we limit pre-registration opportunities to league volunteers and can no longer offer "seniority" to former/returning participants.

A few additional notes:
1.  In an effort to increase participation limits, we're continuing with TWO Peewee camps.
Peewees will be able to choose Tuesdays or Thursdays at registration (subject to availability).

2.  Please see attached Waiver Form - Please note: ALL PLAYERS (new and returning) are required to submit an updated waiver at registration.

3.  Please see Modell's coupon - Use it for all sporting equipment purchases (soccer or otherwise!!) from 3/27 thru 4/23 and save 15%.  AND... at the end of the sale period, Capitolo Soccer will receive a check for 5% of our collective purchases!!!

4.  We are excited to announce the launch of CYSC Intramurals - an Under 10 camp geared towards 8-9 yo with previous soccer experience.  The specific details are yet being finalized, but interested parties should contact CYSC for information/availability.

To receive information, email capitolosoccer at gmail dot com to added to the list serve.

Happy Spring!

14 August 2014

Fall 2014 Call for Volunteers

Hello Capitolo Soccer Community!
Capitolo Youth Soccer Club recently released information for the upcoming Fall 2014 Season. 
Ahead of next month's registration, however, I wanted to highlight some of the successes we experienced last Spring:
1.  The inaugural Tykes Camp introduced 25 of our youngest enthusiasts (ages 33-37 months) to the league.
2.  Player participation reached 115 (up from 68 in Fall13, and 45 in Spring13)
3.  Volunteer participation reached 19 (14 coaches and 5 organizers)
4.  Our cache of supplies doubled in... value, size, weight... whatever measure you like!
5.  We were joined by Councilman Mark Squilla at our end of season banquet

I'm awestruck at how far we have come over the last few seasons and humbled by the number of people who have joined us through coaching, organizing banquets and registrations, donating refreshments and other supplies, and even the effort of making sure our players are on the field every week.  Through the efforts of our entire Capitolo Youth Soccer community, our club will eventually become a staple of our amazing neighborhood.

In order to achieve this, we're sending out another Call for Volunteers.  This time around, we're better able to pinpoint our needs:
1.  Set up - You may have noticed our field... has grown.  We'd love to enlist 3-4 people with pre-practice availability.
2.  Breakdown - ditto if we could find 3-4 people to stick around at the end of practice to break things down.
3.  Organization - Any excel aficionados out there to handle registrations, banquets, finances and schedules?
4. thru 10.  Peewee Coaches: In the past we've received some support from local college and high schools, but the majority of our coaches are the parents of our players.  We currently face the problem that many of our Peewee coaches are going to graduate to Bridge along with their young players.  While we've given some thought on how to reorganize to handle more Peewees, we're ultimately limited by the size of our coaching staff.  We’re able and happy to train new volunteers, soccer experience is completely unnecessary, and we've got 20 coaches (past and present) who will attest to how much fun it is (double plus bonus points when your team scores a goal!).

So,... if you've read this far... thank you!  If you've read this far AND are interested in engaging the program, please shoot me an email and we'll figure out how to get you involved.  My sincerest appreciation to everyone who has helped make our program the success that it has become, and I look forward to another successful Fall season.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Capitolo Youth Soccer Club

12 August 2014

Fall 2014 Information

Hello Soccer Enthusiasts!
We have finalized the information for the upcoming
Capitolo Youth Soccer Club - Fall 2014 Season

Location: Capitolo Playground Rec Center, 9th & Federal
Date: Wednesday, September 3rd
Time: 5:00p (UPDATE: registration will be held on a first come/first served basis.)

Dates: Sept 9-10 thru Nov 4-5
     Peewees (ages 3-5 +/-): Tuesdays -OR- Wednesdays | 5-6pm (See #1, below)

     Bridge (ages 6-9 +/-): Wednesdays 5-6:15pm
Cost: $30 (for the season)
Equipment (see #3, below)
     Peewees: Cleats & shinpads recommended
     Bridge: Cleats recommended | shinpads required

A few additional notes
1.  In an effort to accommodate even MORE young players, we're happy to announce we'll be holding TWO Peewee camps this season.  Peewees will be able to choose Tuesdays or Wednesdays at registration (subject to availability) but should refer above to the blog post outlining the general camp differences.

2.  Please see Waiver Form here - anyone on file will not need to resubmit, except to update.  New players must print and submit a completed waiver at time of registration.  (We do not accept digital submissions.)

3.  Please see Modell's coupon here - Use it for all sporting equipment purchases (soccer or otherwise!!) from 8/29 thru 9/25 and save 15%.  AND... at the end of the sale period, Capitolo Soccer will receive a check for 5% of our collective purchases!!!

13 June 2014

End of Season Banquet

Hello Soccer Enthusiasts!
As you know, this week marks the end of Capitolo Youth Soccer Club's Spring 2014 season.  We've gotten some killer feedback from all 3 camps about the growth our young players have shown over the last 10 weeks.  (Minus the rainouts, ... I know, ... I think we'd have some players IN the World Cup if it wasn't for the rainouts!)  That being the case, it's time to celebrate the season, and so I wanted to follow up with a few notes regarding our itinerary for Wednesday:

Who: ALL Capitolo soccer participants and families [including Tuesday Tykes]
What: Capitolo Youth Soccer S2014 Banquet
Where: On the field [same as usual]
When:  Wednesday, 18 June, 5-6:30
Why: To celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of our players [and indeed the entire CYSC Community] over the last few months.

1.  We will not hold a formal practice, but will have the balls out so our players can run around.  Even so, please have your players wear their jerseys for the paparazzi photo opps!
2.  Please RSVP using the link below.  Everyone is welcome (including, grandparents, extended family, siblings, etc), but if you recall the number of people that descended on the fields during weeks 1 and 2, advanced notice will help us plan accordingly.
3. Given those numbers, donations and contributions to the food offerings are welcome and appreciated.  [The link below also outlines what people are bringing thus far and what may still be necessary/outstanding.] We look forward to seeing everyone and celebrating our most successful Capitolo Youth Soccer season yet!