14 August 2014

Fall 2014 Call for Volunteers

Hello Capitolo Soccer Community!
Capitolo Youth Soccer Club recently released information for the upcoming Fall 2014 Season. 
Ahead of next month's registration, however, I wanted to highlight some of the successes we experienced last Spring:
1.  The inaugural Tykes Camp introduced 25 of our youngest enthusiasts (ages 33-37 months) to the league.
2.  Player participation reached 115 (up from 68 in Fall13, and 45 in Spring13)
3.  Volunteer participation reached 19 (14 coaches and 5 organizers)
4.  Our cache of supplies doubled in... value, size, weight... whatever measure you like!
5.  We were joined by Councilman Mark Squilla at our end of season banquet

I'm awestruck at how far we have come over the last few seasons and humbled by the number of people who have joined us through coaching, organizing banquets and registrations, donating refreshments and other supplies, and even the effort of making sure our players are on the field every week.  Through the efforts of our entire Capitolo Youth Soccer community, our club will eventually become a staple of our amazing neighborhood.

In order to achieve this, we're sending out another Call for Volunteers.  This time around, we're better able to pinpoint our needs:
1.  Set up - You may have noticed our field... has grown.  We'd love to enlist 3-4 people with pre-practice availability.
2.  Breakdown - ditto if we could find 3-4 people to stick around at the end of practice to break things down.
3.  Organization - Any excel aficionados out there to handle registrations, banquets, finances and schedules?
4. thru 10.  Peewee Coaches: In the past we've received some support from local college and high schools, but the majority of our coaches are the parents of our players.  We currently face the problem that many of our Peewee coaches are going to graduate to Bridge along with their young players.  While we've given some thought on how to reorganize to handle more Peewees, we're ultimately limited by the size of our coaching staff.  We’re able and happy to train new volunteers, soccer experience is completely unnecessary, and we've got 20 coaches (past and present) who will attest to how much fun it is (double plus bonus points when your team scores a goal!).

So,... if you've read this far... thank you!  If you've read this far AND are interested in engaging the program, please shoot me an email and we'll figure out how to get you involved.  My sincerest appreciation to everyone who has helped make our program the success that it has become, and I look forward to another successful Fall season.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Capitolo Youth Soccer Club