13 June 2014

End of Season Banquet

Hello Soccer Enthusiasts!
As you know, this week marks the end of Capitolo Youth Soccer Club's Spring 2014 season.  We've gotten some killer feedback from all 3 camps about the growth our young players have shown over the last 10 weeks.  (Minus the rainouts, ... I know, ... I think we'd have some players IN the World Cup if it wasn't for the rainouts!)  That being the case, it's time to celebrate the season, and so I wanted to follow up with a few notes regarding our itinerary for Wednesday:

Who: ALL Capitolo soccer participants and families [including Tuesday Tykes]
What: Capitolo Youth Soccer S2014 Banquet
Where: On the field [same as usual]
When:  Wednesday, 18 June, 5-6:30
Why: To celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of our players [and indeed the entire CYSC Community] over the last few months.

1.  We will not hold a formal practice, but will have the balls out so our players can run around.  Even so, please have your players wear their jerseys for the paparazzi photo opps!
2.  Please RSVP using the link below.  Everyone is welcome (including, grandparents, extended family, siblings, etc), but if you recall the number of people that descended on the fields during weeks 1 and 2, advanced notice will help us plan accordingly.
3. Given those numbers, donations and contributions to the food offerings are welcome and appreciated.  [The link below also outlines what people are bringing thus far and what may still be necessary/outstanding.] We look forward to seeing everyone and celebrating our most successful Capitolo Youth Soccer season yet!