11 March 2014

Call for Volunteers!

As mentioned last season, the start of this season is accompanied by a Call for Volunteers.  The program has experienced tremendous growth, and the increased workload requires more participants.  Obviously there’s always a need for coaches.  Please don’t OVER-estimate the skillset required: we’re happy and able to help “train” volunteers.  Soccer experience is 100% unnecessary, and we’ll emphatically reiterate that it’s a lot fun.

Additionally, however, we’ve isolated a variety of other ways people might engage:
Administrative - needs include organizing banquets, coordinating t-shirt/trophy orders, treasurer, etc…
- needs include setting up the field, servicing equipment, etc…
Other - In short, if you’ve got a skill, we can utilize it.

We’re going to meet at Capitolo Rec Center on Wednesday 3/19 – 6:15-6:45 to discuss.  Kids are welcome - the gym will be open, and we’ll provide pizza.  Frankly, we’ve given a lot of thought to what our fledgling program has been, and more importantly to what it might become - if you’re interested in helping shape that growth, we’d love to hear from you.

Happy to be talking Spring soccer and seeing an end to this Winter...
See you on the 19th!